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Chinese Netizens Compare AI Development Between China and the US: While the US Advances in Technology, Tsinghua PhD Li Yizhou Sells AI Online Courses, Making 50 Million Yuan from a 199 Yuan Course

The recent buzz around Li Yizhou, a Tsinghua PhD, selling an AI online course for 199 yuan and making 50 million yuan within a year, highlights a significant discussion in China regarding the development of AI between China and the US. While the US focuses on advancing technology, Chinese talents like Li Yizhou are capitalizing on the AI hype by selling educational courses. Despite his background in the Academy of Fine Arts and being unrelated to AI or deep learning, Li’s entrepreneurial success and ability to market his course reveal a trend where knowledge and expertise are packaged for mass consumption. This situation underscores a broader concern about the prioritization of quick profits over substantial technological development and research in China’s tech environment.

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