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China’s Disgraced Official Skimps on Breakfast Eggs but Squanders Embezzled Money

Wang Zhengqiang, a male born in February 1963, started his career in August 1983 and joined the Communist Party of China in October 1984. He held positions including Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Guizhou Provincial Botanical Garden; Deputy Director and Deputy Party Secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Physical and Chemical Testing Analysis Research Center; Deputy Director and Party Secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Analysis and Testing Research Institute; and Director of the Science and Technology and Economic Strategy Research Center of the Guizhou Academy of Sciences.

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Tonali Realizes Conclusive Evidence and Decides to Surrender, Three-Year Ban May Be Halved

Tonali is prepared to self-report to the relevant authorities, and he may meet with the football association prosecutor Gini next week. Yesterday, his lawyer already reached a three-tier agreement with the prosecutor’s office, and the player will appear in court to admit his gambling behaviors in the next few days, just like what Juventus midfielder Fagioli did.

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Distribution of “Condoms” to Athletes at the Olympics? 450,000 Not Enough? What’s the Mystery Behind?

Previously, in the 2014 Brazil World Cup, there were explicit requirements for abstinence, yet voices opposing abstinence were everywhere. The opposition arises from the belief that this monotonous, high-intensity training method could exacerbate the athletes’ anxiety, which could very likely affect their performance during competitions. Appropriate sexual activity is still very necessary. Ultimately, what directly relates to the athletes’ performance is not abstinence, but whether or not they indulge in desires. Moderate sexual activity and safe and healthy protective measures are the most responsible manifestations of athletes towards their own bodies.

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