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BYD Takes the Lead in Global Electric Vehicle Sales, Surpassing Tesla in Quarterly Deliveries

BYD has overtaken Tesla in global electric vehicle sales, marking a significant milestone in the automotive industry. With 526,409 electric vehicles sold in the last quarter, BYD’s diverse and affordable product range in China played a crucial role in its success. Tesla, despite exceeding its annual target, did not meet the higher production potential projected by CEO Elon Musk.

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Tesla’s Latest FSD V12 Version: A Major Leap in Autonomous Driving with Neural Network Technology

The launch of Tesla’s FSD V12 is a significant milestone in the evolution of autonomous driving technology. It not only showcases the immense potential of neural networks but also points the way for the future development of autonomous vehicles. With the maturation of technology, there is good reason to believe that the roads of the future will belong to autonomous vehicles.

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