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Wall Street Journal Reporter’s Experience with Vision Pro One Month Later: The Novelty Has Worn Off, Hard to Avoid Gathering Dust

Joanna Stern, after a month of using Apple’s Vision Pro, noted a decrease in usage frequency and expressed skepticism about its value for personal purchase, citing a high price point and limited utility beyond initial excitement. Despite enjoying its application for in-flight entertainment, Stern highlighted the broader issue of VR headsets losing appeal over time, suggesting that Vision Pro might face a similar fate of being underutilized.

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Apple Quietly Launches Vision Pro in Moscow Two Years After Exiting Russia

Two years after Apple halted sales in Russia due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, its products, including the new Vision Pro, are still available in Moscow, contradicting official statements. This availability is partly due to parallel import mechanisms and high consumer demand, despite significantly higher prices. The situation highlights the complexities of global trade and sanctions, with certain products still reaching Russian consumers through alternate channels.

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