Month: October 2023

Too Cumbersome? Musk No Longer Uses FAA’s Private Jet Stealth Program

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, once tried to hide the flight trajectory of his private jet through a free program of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This program allows private planes to use temporary aircraft registration numbers to avoid being discovered by commercial websites or aircraft tracking accounts on social media.

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Nissan Showcases Solid-State Battery Technology: Energy Density Doubled, Charging Time Reduced to One-Third

At the recent Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, Nissan introduced its in-development All-Solid-State Battery (ASSB) technology. Katsushi Inoue, Vice President of Nissan’s Research Department, stated that the technology could enable a quantum leap for Nissan’s next-generation electric vehicles.

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Surpassing 1,000 Qubits for the First Time, Atom Computing to Launch New Quantum Computer Next Year

startup company Atom Computing recently announced that it has created a quantum computing platform with a design capacity of 1,225 qubits, and has currently filled 1,180 qubits. This marks the first company in the industry to announce surpassing the 1,000 qubits threshold. Officials indicate that this computer will be launched next year, considering it a new milestone in the quantum computing industry.

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