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Indian Government Compensates Influencer Couple with 1 Million Rupees, Couple Changes Tune to Praise India as a Great Country

A Spanish travel blogger and her husband, after experiencing a traumatic assault in India, initially criticized the country’s safety. Following a compensation of 1 million rupees from the Indian government and the arrest of some suspects, their public stance shifted to praising India as a great country. This incident has sparked debate over the couple’s change in tone and highlights ongoing concerns about safety for travelers, especially women, in India amidst a backdrop of frequent sexual assault cases.

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Indian Farmers Resume Protest Actions, Who is Leading the “March into New Delhi”?

Indian farmers have resumed protests demanding a minimum support price for agricultural products after unsuccessful talks with the government. Led by influential farmer leaders Pender and Daruval, thousands are marching towards New Delhi despite police resistance. The protests highlight ongoing tensions between farmers and the Modi government, reminiscent of the 2020 protests that forced a government compromise.

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