At the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese women’s gymnastics team dominated Japan, winning the gold medal for the 13th consecutive time.

In the competition for the women’s gymnastics team at the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese team displayed a clear advantage, securing their 13th consecutive gold medal in the Asian Games with a total score of 161.896 points. The Japanese team earned the silver medal with a score of 157.229 points.

In the women’s gymnastics qualification and team finals, the Chinese team was represented by athletes Zhang Jin, Tang Qianjing, Yu Linmin, Zhang Xinyi, and Zuo Tong. The Chinese women’s team has maintained a strong leadership position in Asian gymnastics, having won the championship continuously for 12 editions, including the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games.

In the first event, vault, Zhang Jin delivered a relatively outstanding performance, scoring 13.900 points, while Yu Linmin and Zhang Xinyi achieved scores of 13.383 and 13.266, respectively. Zuo Tong received a score of 13.033. In the vault event, the Chinese team accumulated a total score of 41.199 points.

In the second event, uneven bars, Tang Qianjing executed high-quality routines, earning a score of 14.466, while Zuo Tong contributed 13.933 points. Both Zhang Jin and Zhang Xinyi received scores of 13.533. The uneven bars event contributed to a total score of 41.932 points for the Chinese team.

In the third event, balance beam, Zhang Jin scored 13.600 points, Tang Qianjing received 12.833 points, Zuo Tong earned 12.733 points, and Zhang Xinyi had a score of 12.500. The balance beam event added 39.166 points to the Chinese team’s total.

In the final event, floor exercise, Zhang Jin received 13.233 points, Zuo Tong scored 13.166, Tang Qianjing achieved 12.933, and Zhang Xinyi contributed 39.599 points. The floor exercise event resulted in a total score of 39.599 points for the Chinese team.

In the end, the Chinese team secured their 13th consecutive Asian Games gold medal with a total score of 161.896 points. Japan earned the silver medal with 157.229 points, and North Korea finished in third place with 156.829 points.