South Korean star Song Joong Ki responds to ‘wife’s second marriage and child’ rumors, feeling that the news is like writing a novel, too irresponsible

On September 25th, Beijing time, South Korean star Song Joong Ki appeared at an event to promote a movie he had filmed. This was the first time Song Joong Ki had worked since he had a child. However, Song Joong Ki’s wife has recently faced criticism, which has made Song Joong Ki very angry.

Recent reports from the media claimed that Song Joong Ki’s wife had given birth to a child. Song Joong Ki stated that such news is like ‘writing a novel’ and is too irresponsible. The reason he had not responded earlier is that he asked his company not to respond.

Song Joong Ki expressed that such news tarnishes the reputation of his wife and asked, ‘How much harm will my wife suffer?’ However, Song Joong Ki mentioned that although he was very angry, his wife faced the situation calmly, which made him feel that he still lacked maturity.

Previously, in an interview, Song Joong Ki had said, ‘This is my first child, and I am a new dad, and my wife is a new mom.’ It is known that Song Joong Ki’s wife is an ordinary person, not from the entertainment industry, and she is of European and American nationality, not Korean.

When the news of Song Joong Ki’s marriage to his wife broke, his wife, Kate, faced some fans and media scrutiny. Her identity was eventually exposed, and after the revelation, Song Joong Ki openly talked about his wife and child in public.

Many people thought that his wife was a single mother, and Song Joong Ki had become an instant dad. However, it has been proven that Song Joong Ki’s wife is indeed the mother of their first child, and not as falsely rumored online. It can only be said that the rumor spreaders were truly intent on causing chaos.

In addition to this, Song Joong Ki has recently confirmed his desire to work in the UK. He mentioned that he has already visited the headquarters of the BBC in the UK for a job interview and is trying every possible way to stay in the UK. His wife is also actively using her network.

In any case, Song Joong Ki’s wife is not from the entertainment industry, and spreading baseless rumors about others is absolutely wrong. Fortunately, his wife is gracious, and we hope that these rumors will stop completely.