Sued for alleged real estate fraud involving 46.41 million, Rain has responded

Reportedly, a video titled “Whistleblower A Sues Rain for Fraud over Alleged Sale of Real Estate valued at 8.5 Billion KRW” has been uploaded on a video social media platform.

It is known that plaintiff A, a wealthy individual, showed interest in buying a property in Gyeonggi-do from Rain last May. The property is valued at 25 billion KRW. Rain, due to a lack of immediate funds, proposed to A to first buy his 8.5 billion KRW mansion in Itaewon. Once the transaction was completed, Rain intended to amass 25 billion KRW to purchase A’s property.

Rain refused A’s requests to visit and verify the property, citing privacy concerns, and also declined to provide photos. A still believed in Rain’s credibility and signed a contract in July without onsite verification. Upon seeing the actual property, A discovered discrepancies between the property and the photographs provided by the real estate agent, with differences in features such as a swimming pool and the floors of the house.

In the video, a recorded conversation between A and the real estate agency was revealed. The agency insisted that the photos were provided by Rain. A frustratedly emphasized, “This is a completely different house.” A, feeling deceived, legally accused Rain of fraud in September.

After the news broke, it quickly sparked heated discussions online. In response to A’s accusations, Rain’s agency promptly issued a statement. The agency claimed A’s statements are false and his pickiness is due to Rain being a celebrity. They argued that buying a house worth billions of KRW based only on photographs is in itself an unbelievable tale.

Regarding the photographs, Rain’s agency admitted their reluctance to showcase the house as Kim Tae-hee (presumably Rain’s partner) had just given birth. They could not confirm the allegations of sending false photos for sale but emphasized that there was no refusal for A to visit the house after Kim Tae-hee’s postpartum recovery.

However, A insists he was not allowed to view the house.

So far, both parties are sticking to their stories. If what Rain says is true, then Mr. A, without seeing the 46.41 million property on-site and just signing the contract after seeing the photos and now regretting it, is really full of contradictions.

Who knows what twists and turns will happen next?