The friends and family of Victoria held a celebratory banquet, and Beckham’s biological mother and stepmother were photographed together for the first time

On October 1, 2023, Beckham’s beloved wife Victoria shared photos of a gathering with friends and family after the VB brand’s fashion show at Paris Fashion Week. The caption read: “Celebrating my VB show and launch with my family and friends, love you all!”, expressing happiness between the lines. The first photo showed her favorite husband, Beckham, embracing their daughter Harper, with Harper nestling in her father’s arms. The visual appeal of the father-daughter duo is impeccable, and the scene resembles a beautiful oil painting.

Beckham, embracing their daughter Harper

It’s worth mentioning that the lineup of friends and family supporting Victoria’s show this time is quite impressive, with more than ten family members flying in from the UK and the US to Paris. The group photo of the family is also a highlight, let’s take a closer look together.

Indeed, Victoria’s show brought together an impressive gathering of family and close friends. In the family photo shared, notable attendees included:

  1. Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz: Standing first and second from the left in the back row, the couple got married in April last year. They reportedly had a cold war with the Beckham family for a while, amidst rumors of discord between Nicola and Victoria, which seems to have been resolved now.
  2. Mia Regan: Standing next to Nicola is Romeo’s model girlfriend, Mia. It was reported that during the cold war between Victoria and Nicola, Mia sided with Victoria, which infuriated Nicola and strained their relationship. This time, Mia hugging Nicola’s shoulder seems to debunk the rumors of discord.
  3. Hilary Meredith and Ted Beckham: Standing next to Harper are David Beckham’s stepmother and father. The couple got married in December 2021, with Hilary being an attorney and 11 years younger than Ted. They’ve been displaying their affection publicly, often appearing together.
  4. Sandra Beckham: Standing fifth from the right in the back row is David Beckham’s biological mother. It’s notable that both the biological mother and stepmother were invited to the event and photographed together, which might have created an intriguing atmosphere.
  5. Other Family Members: Also in the photo are Victoria’s parents, sister, and two nieces; and David’s sister Joanne Beckham. David and their third son Cruz are seen squatting in the front row, a pose likely reserved for family photos.
  6. David’s Fashion Choice: On the day of the show, David, donning a suit with black sandals and white socks, faced some criticism from media and netizens for his choice of attire, deeming it somewhat disrespectful. However, he switched to black leather shoes for the evening gathering, possibly responding to the public feedback.

This event, besides celebrating Victoria’s fashion show, also showcased the tight-knit and supportive nature of the Beckham family, despite the earlier rumors of familial discord.