Alert! Argentina Surpasses 40,000 Confirmed Cases of Dengue Fever! Severe Cases Can Be Fatal

On February 24th, local time, the Argentine Ministry of Health released a national epidemiological bulletin stating that since New Year’s Day 2024, Argentina has confirmed more than 40,000 cases of dengue fever.

The Ministry of Health in Argentina reported that there have been 40,137 cases of dengue fever this year. Given the surge in cases and the continued hot weather, the Ministry of Health urges the public to strengthen precautions, including eliminating potential mosquito breeding grounds, using insect repellent to avoid bites, and seeking medical attention early if disease symptoms appear.

Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease caused by the dengue virus, mainly transmitted through mosquito vectors, and is prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions. Typical symptoms include persistent fever, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, etc., and severe cases can be fatal.