Colombia and Chile Announce Recall of Ambassadors to Israel

On October 31st local time, Colombian President Petro announced on social media platform X that he has decided to recall the Colombian ambassador to Israel. Petro stated, “If Israel does not cease its massacre of the Palestinian people, we cannot remain there.”

On the same day, Chilean President Boric also announced that due to Israel’s “unacceptable violations of international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip”, the Chilean government has decided to recall its ambassador to Israel.

On October 31st local time, the Bolivian government announced that in light of the “crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip”, Bolivia has decided to sever diplomatic relations with Israel.

Bolivian Deputy Foreign Minister Freddy Mamani stated that formal communication will be made through the diplomatic channels established with Israel. He noted that this communication adheres to the principles and purposes of the “United Nations Charter”.

The Bolivian government also called for a halt to the attacks on the Gaza Strip and demanded an end to the blockade preventing the entry of food, water, and other essential supplies.