How Many Students from World-Famous Universities Have Their Papers Written by Kenyans

A recent investigation by Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) found that American college students are outsourcing their coursework to Kenyans, who can earn thousands of dollars a month as ghostwriters.

These Kenyan ghostwriters operate a production line service, from writing papers to obtaining university degrees, providing a one-stop service for American college students.

This service has been ongoing for years and has grown with the popularity of online courses. What was once a bespoke service for the reckless few has become an unspoken rule among college students.

Although these ghostwriters in Kenya have not studied in American universities, and some have never even set foot on American soil, they are more familiar with the teaching syllabi of every American university than some professors. They may not have access to advanced laboratories, but they possess the latest theoretical models and the most standard experimental data.

“In every apartment building in Nairobi, you can find two to three ghostwriters.”

Thomas Lancaster, who has been studying the global issue of academic cheating since 2006, said that in his early research, the market for paper ghostwriting was divided among India, Kenya, Pakistan, and Morocco.

Between 2006 and 2016, the ghostwriting business in Kenya flourished, showing a trend towards unification.

“Anyone can understand the changes in supply and demand in this market, but the concentration of operators in Kenya is difficult to comprehend.”

“Most of the paper outsourcing companies are headquartered in Kenya, often masquerading as academic exchange websites. Behind every heated debate post is an international transaction.”

“When dealing with customers, they claim to be graduates from prestigious American or British universities to gain more trust. However, customers do not care about this; what they are interested in is the product itself.”

The question arises: how do these Kenyan students, who have been to the United States or Europe, possess such a high academic level, and how strong are their business capabilities?