Indian Government Compensates Influencer Couple with 1 Million Rupees, Couple Changes Tune to Praise India as a Great Country

Recently, a Spanish travel blogger with 200,000 followers experienced a nightmare while traveling in India. According to her report to the police, the ordeal began with three men arguing with her husband before assaulting and tying him up, while another four men threatened her with knives and dragged her away. She was then beaten, and seven Indian men took turns assaulting her, as her husband was also subjected to violent beatings nearby. The entire incident lasted two and a half hours.

Notably, the female influencer had previously shared her positive experiences in India on social media, describing it as a beautiful country. However, this incident caused unprecedented harm to her and her husband. They voiced their anger on social media, expressing deep concerns about India’s public safety.

This tragedy quickly spread online, becoming a focal point of media and public discussion. People raised questions about travel safety and expressed worries about the law and order situation in India.

In a surprising turn of events, the Indian government compensated the couple with 1 million rupees (approximately $12,000). The Indian police confirmed the identities of all suspects, arresting three and pursuing the remaining four.

Remarkably, after receiving compensation, the couple’s attitude towards India underwent a drastic change. In a new video posted on social media, they began to praise India as a great country and urged people not to harbor negative views about it.

This shift sparked heated discussions online, with some users finding it puzzling that despite the wife being mistreated, the husband would speak positively about India. Some questioned whether there might be hidden reasons behind their sudden change of tone.

Incidents like this are not uncommon in India. In recent years, there have been multiple cases of foreign women being gang-raped in the country. In 2013, a Swiss tourist was raped by six Indian men; in 2016, an American tourist was gang-raped by a group of Indian men in New Delhi.

According to statistics, India recorded a total of 31,516 rape cases in 2022, averaging 86 cases per day. Experts warn that the number of reported cases is only a fraction of the actual figure due to deeply entrenched patriarchal views. This incident serves as another reminder that travel safety should not be overlooked. We must remain vigilant, especially in areas with poor security conditions.