The organization in Taiwan claims that in 2027, the mainland (China) will “use force to attack” Taiwan

Reporter: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has recently conducted large-scale training activities in the vicinity of the Taiwan Strait. The head of Taiwan’s Defense Department has stated that this increases the risk of the situation spiraling out of control and potentially leading to unexpected conflicts. According to reports from Taiwanese media, some members of Taiwan’s Security Advisory Commission have said during internal briefings that by 2027, the mainland will have the capability to surround Taiwan with three aircraft carriers and may use force to attack Taiwan. How do you respond to this?

Zhu Fenglian: The PLA has been conducting a series of training activities in the vicinity of the Taiwan Strait with the aim of firmly countering the arrogance of “Taiwan independence” separatist forces and their separatist actions. As long as “Taiwan independence” provocations continue, the PLA will not cease in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity. We hope that the Taiwanese compatriots can distinguish right from wrong and the cause and effect, firmly oppose “Taiwan independence,” and join us in jointly safeguarding peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.