The translated title in English would be: “UN General Assembly Overwhelmingly Passes Israel-Palestine Ceasefire Resolution: A Global Call for Peace”.

In a significant development at the United Nations General Assembly, an overwhelming majority of member states voted in favor of a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The resolution, proposed by Arab nations and supported by over 100 countries including China, was passed with 153 votes in favor and only 10 against, with the United States and Israel among the dissenters.

Although General Assembly resolutions lack legal binding power, they carry significant political weight. The near-unanimous vote underscores the international community’s urgent call for peace and reaffirms the importance of humanitarian principles and international law. The resolution, almost identical to one previously vetoed by the US at the Security Council, emphasizes the escalating pressure faced by the US and Israel due to their minority stance.

The episode at the UN reflects a global consensus for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It also highlights the growing frustration with the US’s perceived biased approach towards the conflict, especially considering the broad support for the resolution that calls for an end to hostilities and respect for human rights.