With the arrival of China’s ‘extended Golden Week’, severe traffic congestion is occurring in many places; some people have been driving for 8 hours and still haven’t left the province

This is quite a long passage but it largely details the traffic congestion and travel difficulties occurring in different cities in China during the extended national holidays, which combine Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, creating an “ultra-long Golden Week.” Below is a summarized translation.

This year’s combined Mid-Autumn and National Day holiday is experiencing significant traffic congestion due to it being the longest holiday period since the implementation of a new policy, and due to increased travel demand among the public. Various cities are experiencing congestion, with travel hotspots, highways, and outbound roads being particularly affected.


  • On the eve of the holiday, there was severe congestion in Beijing. The average speed of vehicles decreased to 22 km/hour. Commuters are advised to use subway and bicycles for green travel.


  • There is heavy congestion in Jinan, Shandong, with many cars and significant traffic jams due to Metro construction and special events such as football matches adding pressure to the roads.

Ningbo, Zhejiang

  • Ningbo is also expecting continuous congestion. Popular scenic spots and highways leading to surrounding cities are expected to face heavy traffic, especially on the first and last day of the holiday.


  • Guangzhou has experienced areas turning “red” with congestion. There has been a surge in passenger flow at metro stations, and Guangzhou South Station experienced a surge in passengers due to the 8-day-long holiday. Some travelers claimed they drove for 8 hours and hadn’t yet left Guangdong.


  • Chengdu police issued traffic travel tips, predicting extended congestion hours during the peak evening time.

Nationwide Travel Surge

  • According to the Ministry of Transport, during the Mid-Autumn and National Day holidays, there is an increase in passenger volume across railways, highways, waterways, and civil aviation, with the total volume expected to reach 490 million person-times, a 78.6% daily increase compared to 2022, setting a historical high.

This “ultra-long Golden Week” has led to a surge in both the travel and tourism sector, but the increased travel demand has also led to serious congestion issues in major cities, highlighting the challenges in transportation management during peak holiday seasons. The public is advised to plan their journeys accordingly and to consider alternative travel methods, like public transport, to alleviate the congestion.