Media Attention: China’s Shenzhou-17 Expected to Launch Within October

According to a report by Russia’s Satellite News Agency on October 15, Chinese media reported on the 15th that the Shenzhou-17 spacecraft is scheduled to launch from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center this month, docking with the forward port of the core module of the Chinese space station, forming a three-cabin and three-ship combination.

Previously reported by the media, the crew of Shenzhou-16, currently at the Chinese space station, plans to return to Earth in November. Before their return, the docking of Shenzhou-17 is expected.

It was mentioned by officials from China’s space department earlier this year that the Chinese space station has entered the application and development stage, with astronauts planned for long-term continuous stay, typically undergoing two crew rotations and one to two resupply missions each year.

Furthermore, Hong Kong’s 01 website reported on October 15 that the Shenzhou-17 is expected to launch this month. The basic information of the manned space mission for the year 2023, disclosed earlier, revealed that the flight crew for this mission will consist of three astronauts. The report mentions that the primary tasks of the Shenzhou-17 crew will include carrying out extravehicular activities and cargo airlock egress missions, continuing space science experiments and technology tests, conducting routine platform management tasks, astronaut support-related tasks, and important educational activities related to science popularization.ShareSave