Surpassing 1,000 Qubits for the First Time, Atom Computing to Launch New Quantum Computer Next Year

On October 25, startup company Atom Computing recently announced that it has created a quantum computing platform with a design capacity of 1,225 qubits, and has currently filled 1,180 qubits. This marks the first company in the industry to announce surpassing the 1,000 qubits threshold. Officials indicate that this computer will be launched next year, considering it a new milestone in the quantum computing industry.

Atom Computing’s CEO, Rob Hays, stated: The leap from three-digit to four-digit qubits signifies the rapid development of our atomic array systems, achieving significant breakthroughs in qubit models. Expanding to a large number of qubits is crucial for fault-tolerant quantum computing, which is why it has been our focus from the beginning. We are closely collaborating with partners, aspiring for impressive performance across various application scenarios.

Vice President and Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, Paul Smith-Goodson, mentioned that surpassing 1,000 qubits milestone positions Atom Computing as a strong contender in the race to build fault-tolerant systems.

Within the 1,225 qubit optical array, the average fluorescence of neutral ytterbium 171 atoms was noted. It was learned from the reports that Atom Computing is currently collaborating with enterprises, academic institutions, and government users to develop applications and reserve time on the system, which is slated for launch in 2024.