Gundam Comes to Life! Japanese Company Launches a Drivable Mech Priced at Three Million Dollars!

Japanese company Tsubame Industries has unveiled a drivable mech named “Archax” that stands 15 feet tall and is priced at 3 million dollars.

“Archax” is the company’s first product, a culmination of four years of research and development.

Archax has four legs, but it doesn’t use them for walking. Instead, it moves using motor-driven wheels. Archax features two modes: vehicle mode and robot mode. In vehicle mode, Archax’s four legs spread apart to lower its center of gravity, and it can reach speeds of up to 6 miles per hour.

Tsubame aims to create a robot combat league, but it would be conducted through virtual reality, not actual combat. However, the company’s ultimate goal is the moon. They hope to develop humanoid robots capable of operating and working on lunar bases.