Microsoft Windows 11 System Allows Passwordless Login, Ushering Enterprises into the Passwordless Era

On October 24, Microsoft announced that through the updates of its latest operating system, Windows 11, it has further propelled enterprises into the passwordless era. In dealing with various online threats such as phishing, enterprises can use Windows Hello for Business or FIDO2 security devices to implement passwordless solutions. Moreover, Microsoft suggests that enterprises should transition to various passwordless services as soon as possible to better protect employee and customer data.

To meet this demand, commercial organizations can now enable the “EnablePasswordlessExperience” MDM (Mobile Device Management) policy from Intune or other MDM settings, thereby enabling a completely passwordless user experience on computers joined to Microsoft Entra ID. IT administrators can disable the password login option by enabling this new feature, and there’s no need to enter service passwords throughout the browsing process. Employees can use solutions like Windows Hello for operations.

Notably, in the absence of IT administrators, employees can also choose to use single sign-on or reset their PIN codes among other operations. Additionally, in the updates of September, Microsoft has already released a new web login experience, offering more secure, reliable, and high-performance options, which is now available for all Microsoft Entra ID authentication methods. Microsoft states that this will help organizations and users to gradually move away from password dependency in the future.