In China, a Xiaopeng P7 Catches Fire After an Accident, Scene Footage Revealed! Xiaopeng Motors Responds

On February 29th, a video circulated online showing two cars speeding in the rain in Suzhou, Jiangsu, with one vehicle losing control due to excessive speed and flying off the road. The footage showed a pink vehicle traveling at an extremely high speed, followed closely by a white vehicle.

Subsequently, the pink vehicle lost control and flew off the road after crashing into roadside barriers at an intersection, instantly bursting into flames. The vehicle on fire was identified as a Xiaopeng P7, severely damaged, with traffic police shown arriving at the scene in the video.

An official from the Hengfan Street Office stated that the police investigation found the vehicle had crashed into a traffic sign, with significant damage at the scene. The accident is under further investigation.

Xiaopeng Motors responded to Red Star Capital Bureau, stating: “At 7:52 AM on February 29th, a Xiaopeng P7 was involved in a traffic accident at the intersection of Suzhen Peach Road and Sijin Road in the Wujiang District of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. We are deeply saddened by the injuries to people and damage to the vehicle caused by the accident. After receiving the collision alert, Xiaopeng Motors immediately made an outbound call and coordinated local personnel to rush to the scene. The relevant authorities have now sealed off the accident site for a detailed investigation. We are cooperating with the relevant departments in handling the accident and also providing necessary support and proper arrangements for the family of the car owner.”