Angelababy Shares Family Portrait to Celebrate Birthday! 7-Year-Old “Little Sponge” Grows Tall with Striking Looks, Holding Grandfather’s Hand Warmly!

An incident has offered fans a glimpse into the complex and ever-changing nature of the entertainment industry, highlighting the overwhelming influence of material desires. On February 28, Angelababy announced her 35th birthday, but ironically, the once top-tier celebrity received few birthday wishes from her peers in the circle.

On February 29, Angelababy shared a family portrait to celebrate her 35th birthday and expressed her gratitude in the comments, saying: “Making up for the birthday photo, grateful for the love every year. Thank you all.”

Besides expressing her heartfelt thanks, Angelababy also shared the latest photo of her child, “Little Sponge,” for the first time. It’s astonishing to see how children grow up; “Little Sponge,” previously seen being carried by his parents, has now grown into a little man capable of protecting his mother.

On January 28, 2022, Huang Xiaoming and Baby announced their divorce, ending their 7-year marriage. However, they both stated that they would continue to regard each other as family, offering each other dignity in this transition. Despite her busy career, Baby has not forgotten to spend time with her son, even buying his favorite snacks after working late into the night, showcasing the challenges of being a single mother. We hope she achieves more in her career and look forward to “Little Sponge” growing up, wishing happiness for both mother and son.