Thai Man Accidentally Impaled and Killed by Buddha Statue During Temple Disturbance

According to Thai media reports on February 29th, a 49-year-old Thai man named Ek caused a disturbance in a temple in Chonburi Province on February 27th, only to be fatally impaled through the chest by the sharp head of a Buddha statue.

Reports indicate that Ek had initially charged and knocked over a monk in the afternoon before breaking into the main hall and vandalizing Buddha statues.

Police arrived at the temple to find Ek hiding in the main hall, with all doors and windows locked. After failing to elicit a response from him, they entered through the back door, only to discover Ek dead in a pool of blood, with a Buddha statue still embedded in his chest.

Police deduced from the scene that Ek had attempted to climb and damage the tallest Buddha statue in the hall but accidentally slipped and fell, impaling his chest on the sharp pinnacle of a smaller Buddha statue below, causing fatal injuries to his heart and lungs.

The monk who was knocked down by Ek was questioned by the police. He admitted that he and the deceased had consumed methamphetamine together on the evening of February 26th. The temple’s abbot stated that the deceased had been ordained at another temple and had come to stay at this temple. It was revealed that he had been ordained for only about a month, and the attacked monk had also been ordained at this temple for approximately the same duration.