World’s First Sodium-Ion Pure Electric Production Car Rolls Off the Line

On December 27, 2023, the sodium-ion battery version of the Huaxianzi, under the Chinese JAC Yiwei brand, officially rolled off the production line. This vehicle is the world’s first mass-produced sodium-ion battery car and is set to start bulk deliveries in January 2024. The car is equipped with sodium-ion cylindrical cells provided by Zhongke Haina, while the battery pack uses a honeycomb battery developed by JAC Yiwei.

Sodium-ion batteries are known for their lower cost compared to lithium iron phosphate batteries, though they have a lower energy density. While sodium-ion batteries are not expected to replace all lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate batteries, they offer an additional option for the new energy industry. They are particularly suitable for vehicle models that do not require extensive pure electric range, such as A0-class pure electric small cars, range extenders, or plug-in hybrid models.